you are here to risk your heart.

see that guy. the one between me and megan. yeah. i was supposed to marry him. but i blew it.
ok not really.
but i thought he was so attractive and all i wanted to do was tell him that.
creepy? maybe. but probably more flattering.

all week i’ve been thinking about how to make my life more exciting and live on the edge… so to speak. this thought was reiterated when i watched the episode of ‘community’ with the teacher who thinks he’s from the ‘dead poet’s society’, always yelling “carpe diem!” so you would think i would have  done something about this extremely attractive stripling warrior. especially when he and his friends came and sat down right behind us or when we had to communicate so megan could leave the table (which turned out being awkward and hilarious) or when we were both sitting there talking to our friends for like ten minutes after we had finished eating or when he was standing by our table waiting for his friend to leave.
yeah. i was kind of bitter on the drive home, thinking of how i did absolutely nothing. even if nothing came of it, it still would have been nice and probably an entertaining story at the very least. and now i’ll never see him again.
or maybe i will. provo can be small sometimes…


weekends are for… well, everyone really.

what’s in store for me? well:

  • some girls night out. slash in. out to get food. in to watch movies. yeah, that’s how we do.
  • ward temple trip. woot woot.
  • a second attempt at ‘valentine’s day’?
  • maybe some target shopping. target = love.
  • some h dub? hopefully…maybe….probably not….
  • ward activity. dancing and hot guys. who could ask for more.
  • seeing my sister lauren and her babies (hopefully)!
hope your weekend is fantastic too!
[this is me and my snister gina after the jo bros concert last july. i hope i get to see her soon!]

sometimes i crack myself up.

the other day i was reading a book (the history of love. so good.) while i was going down the elevator at work, ready to go home. when the doors opened, there was a guy right there who was about to walk in as i was about to walk out. luckily i looked up from my book and stopped.

sorry i said. 
you’re fine he replied. 
yeah i am i thought.
i have never thought that before when someone said that to me! i just started busting up laughing once i got outside. i am a huge advocate of loving yourself and realizing your worth but that was just too funny. what do you think? too egotistical? i promise i’m not stuck up.

that was close.

i almost went through today thinking it wasn’t anything special.
good thing i got corrected early.
i got up, got ready, ate breakfast, went to class. after i went to the university forum in the marriot center. i usually do homework instead but today was supposed to be important so i decided to go. i found sarah skidmore and james taylor and sat down with them. sarah asked me how my day was so far. it was ok, i said. wasn’t good, wasn’t bad. end conversation.
five minutes later.
it hit me.

how could i think that today was just an ok day? it was already amazing: i had a ‘smores poptart for breakfast (which i really really like, but those are the only kind). i found out today was free pancake day at ihop (which i will for sure be attending later). i had my one film classes (which i love) and i was going to my other one later. i saw my fhe partner, sean swenson, on campus. and last, but definitely not least, the reason i went to the forum today was because the guest speaker was cardinal francis george, who is the archbishop of chicago and president of the united states conference of catholic bishops, and in attendance were two apostles of the lds church, elder ballard and elder cook. i had just witnessed the awing silence as they all entered the arena. it’s always so powerful when that happens and i think i take it for granted. not very many people get this experience, to be in the presence of not one but two general authorities. i am so blessed to be here at byu.
no worries, i have lifted my head and looked for the great things that happened to me for the rest of the day. like seeing haskins and tylor and jen in the wilk. and getting a jamba for jamba tuesday. and i’m going to my ‘abs that rock!‘ class later which will be followed by a trip to ihop for my free(!) pancakes. so excited.
drinking my power peanut butter moo’d jamba in the wilk after intro to film.
i like this view.


things that made me happy today. or yesterday. i guess. technically.

  • seeing slash feeling the sun for two seconds when i walked to school this morning.
  • smelling the fabric softener my mom uses on my towel when i got out of the shower. thanks for doing my laundry when i visited momma!
  • looking hawt when i got out of the shower because i had to keep my make up in tact.
  • wearing these rockin’ kicks (yes. i just quoted miley. dont hate).
  • my awesome lunch which i actually made for myself today: a honey mustard, ham, and muenster cheese sandwich with apple slices on it, along with some parmesan and basil wheat thins. mmmmm.
  • zumba!!!
  • finding a really cute condo for next year. hopefully we can get it!
  • spending time with my [fhe] husband… and [fhe] family.
  • checking the blog my sister and i share and seeing she wrote on it! poor baby is sick though :(
  • laughing with my roommates
  • the fact that this was posted at 12:34. cooool.

two weekends. one post.

i havent written about my president’s day weekend yet. so i’ll do that now…
some people from my ward planned a zions national park hiking trip and since my hometown stomping ground is a half hour away i decided to join in the fun. gabriel and i went down friday night, met up with the others saturday morning, and then headed to zions. we hiked emerald pools and angels landing.
i’ve done angels landing before (exactly 4 years ago) so i thought i had it in the bag. holy crap was i wrong. the last part of the mountain aka the hardest part of the mountain aka the part of the mountain that has chains to hold on to so you don’t fall down to death still had a decent amount of snow on it but i was determined to get to the top again. let’s just say i may have seen my life flash before my eyes a few times and i’m glad i wasnt a pioneer.
afterward i did feel very accomplished though. even if my muscles had to pay for it for the next two… ok three days. i havent pushed myself that hard in a very long time and it felt goooood. more pics are here. it was so good to be home too. i love my family!

this weekend sarah, megan and i went to a concert. it was nik day, truman, and benton paul. it was so great! read more about it here.


if i had a name for last week, it would be dad.

my padre was up here for a week and i got to have lunch with him almost everyday! i’m so glad i got to spend so much time with him. and to top it off, before he left on saturday, we went to taco bell (yummmm) and then he took me grocery shopping!

i think i’ll be good on juice for a while. go me for being healthy! and thanks dad for the special time and food! :)