surprise for sarah

friday night (the 22nd) we threw a surprise party for sarahmaines. it was so fun, especially since she had absolutely no idea. we went out to dinner before to olive garden (thanks dad!) and decided to get all dolled up for it. so we donned our lbd’s (ahem, little black dresses), snapped some pics and headed out. it was so yummy and we all looked mighty fine. plus it was perfect because we went to the party afterward looking hawt. it was a great night and a great success overall.


my dream come true. well, one of them.

i get to go to this. finally. after all these years of hearing about it from niki. it’s my time.

i am so excited. so so so so so so so excited. not only am i going to THE sundance film festival but we’re going to the best of fest. so it’s the best films shown. and i’m going on 02/01/2010.



go snister.

georgina is amazing. at everything. photography. guitar…yes. music education. and not only did she get into the school of her choice, but she got the renewable $12,000 academic scholarship as well. holy cow!
it was also her birthday last month and she turned 18. she was kind of sad to be leaving her seventeenth year behind but i promise it’s ok. this year is going to bring so much change and awesomeness and you’re going to love it. if you want.
here’s to my best friend. my other half. my snister.


so true.

i came across this yahoo article (roommates, dont be hatin’) and i thought it was simple but absolutely brilliant. it’s 15 ways to be happy in 2010, but really every year in your life. here are just a few of my favorites:
[be your own bff]
i think this one is so important! be confident, have self respect, know that you are awesome and tell yourself that everyday. people know when you arent self confident and it really isnt that attractive or desirable. just sayin.

[dream big in every area of life]
you can do anything you put your mind to. really, ANYTHING. you just have to have the self respect to accomplish what you want and get it done.

[expect a miracle] 
“believe that something wonderful will happen for you today. the universe is waiting to shower happy blessings on you.” good things happen, i promise.

[meditate, pray and chant]
“research shows that people who are spiritual tend to be happier and healthier than those who are not.” interesting…

[sleep baby sleep]
i’ve discovered that sleeping is key in feeling good about myself everyday. i have a hard time feeling motivated if i dont get at least 7 hours of sleep every night. i honestly dont know how i survived freshman year.

[wake up early]
“the morning hours are full of spiritual energy and prana (life force).” i’ve discovered that i love waking up early and having plenty of time before work or my first class. if mornings are rushed, it seems like my whole day is out of control. example: i left my phone at home today. awesome.

[say “good job!”]
like i said before, tell yourself you’re awesome! you deserve it! and i dont think it’s prideful if you dont see yourself as superior to others. it’s just you discovering how awesome you are. it’s a commandment! (other wise known as recognizing your divine worth).

go here for more happiness tips.


……post of the year.
…workout of the year.
……….day of school.
…….semester as a junior.
….time i’m back in school before gina and david.
……day of work.
….homework assignment done.
……..fhe of the year.
…..bills paid of the year.
………..time i’ve ever seen my library study spot completely empty!

go me for being an awesome student. on the first day.


ready. set.

time for the new year.

2010, here i come.

to do list:
 – get at least two more semesters done.
 – get into the film program.
 – get a film internship.
 – live in new york city.
 – read ten books.
 – watch ten american film institute choices.
 – make ten new friends.
 – go to the temple at least twice a month.
 – work out consistently.
 – no more sweets. done.

 – love being me.