not healthy.

so i may be slightly obsessed with the tv show how i met your mother.

maybe it’s because they’re livin the dream- my dream– in new york city. maybe it’s because they are so ridiculously hilarious. maybe it’s because lilly and marshall are the cutest couple to ever walk the earth. ever. maybe it’s because it is extremely well written and clever. maybe it’s because ted is the most romantic male i’ve ever heard and i think every woman deserves to be treated like he treats women. maybe it’s because i want barney stinson to be my best friend. maybe it’s because i think of ted and lilly and marshall and robin and barney all the time anyway like they really are my best friends.

i dont know.
whatever it is, it’s got me hooked. thank you leah and sarahmaines.
so i may have gotten through season one in less than a week. and i may have plowed through season four in 24 hours. not a big deal.
before you start judging, let me explain my behavior with some more-than-reasonable excuses:
1- they are about 20 to 22 minutes long which is nothing compared to the usual 45 minute shows i watch. so they’re easy to have on while i’m getting ready or something and not feel like i’m wasting time.
2- i watched season four this past saturday and sunday which was before school was back in session, before i had to think of doing more homework, and before most people were back in town so i wasnt too worried of not being social enough.
3- i had to catch up to jen.
4- leah and sarah have seen them all and they have jokes and it’s nice finally knowing what they’ve been talking about all these months ;)
5- it’s the same deal when i read a book. i have to get through it to the end. even though the series isnt finished (which is going to be killing me for years to come… or however long it’s going to be on), i just want to catch up so i can be done playing catch up.
so i was doing some imdb-ing yesterday and i found out some interesting facts about all the characters/actors. so i would like to share them. probably one post at a time. because i know for sure that my roommates both read my blog and watch the show. and i also want to add some great quotes from each character too. cause there are some great quotes. true story.

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