ideal next twelve months of my life

-survive the rest of fall semester. yay for taking the three crappiest psych classes all at one time.

-apply and get in to the film program here
(for my minor)

-stay in school during spring AND summer
(i. want. to. be. done.)

-all this while i will work and be making the monies. and saving the monies. no more spending.

-apply for and get the internship in NEW YORK CITY for next fall. how great would it be to be in nyc during fall? (all the while doing some independent study…? yes. get more school done.)
crossing my fingers.

ill: poor in quality. well if that isnt a self esteem booster…

yes. i am sick. boo. this sucks. my head aches. my body aches. i missed work. i missed school.
ok. that was my little rant. now on to more optimistic things. luckily (maybe, kinda) the whole world seems to be sick and BYU has been super paranoid this semester, begging people to stay home if they have the slightest flu symptom, promising them that the teachers will work with students. this is good news.
happy thing numero dos: my lovely mother and brother (who seems to be getting taller than me… wtf) came up and visited over the weekend. it was so good to see them. david makes me so happy and my mother spoils me to death. plus they got to meet michael which was nice… anyway, it was so good to see them and spend special time with both of them.
also my brother and his wife, trent and brooke, seem to be settling in tennessee quite nicely. i’m so happy for them and i love what i’ve seen on their blog of their new home. it makes me want to channel what little creativity into something super cool.
sytycd is on tonight. who’s excited? i’m excited.
i want to be here. right now. please.
oh. and the new moon soundtrack came out (which my mom and i miraculously found at costco on friday when it was supposed to come out on tuesday… thanks mom!) and can i just say it is absolutely amazing. it’s different than the twilight one, more indie, more serene, but so SO good.