a little more killers…

these are the songs [and the album they’re from] they played (for you gina, so you can re-enact the concert):

– joy ride [day & age]
– human [day & age]
– for reasons unknown [sam’s town]
– bones [sam’s town]
– all the pretty faces [sawdust]
– shadowplay [sawdust]
– somebody told me [hot fuss]
– smile like you mean it [hot fuss]
– spaceman [day & age]
– losing touch [day & age]
– a dustland fairytale [day & age]
– fools rush in cover
– read my mind [sam’s town]
mr. brightside [hot fuss] my favorite song of all time. who gets to hear their favorite song in the whole entire world live ever?! no one, that’s who. except for me. cause i’m cool like that.
– all these things that i’ve done [hot fuss]
they left, and their encore songs were
– sam’s town [sam’s town]
– jenny was a friend of mine [hot fuss]
– when you were young [sam’s town]
and here’s a video of all these things that i’ve done. so good!!!

i got soul but i’m not a soldier

i had the AMAZING experience of going to the killers concert last night. it was unbelievable. i have literally been waiting for this for years. YEARS. i cant say that about many things, but i can say that about this.
i went with jess, my roommate from last year. we had so much fun together.

‘omg, we’re at the killers concert!’

‘omg, it’s brandon flowers!’

‘omg, brandon flowers is talking to us.’

…um… kissy face?

it’s starting!

brandon flowers at the piano. this man is a maz ing.

proof: me with the killers!

the ‘k’ in killers was his keyboard. so cool!

such an amazing show!

confetti explosion!

this show was so amazing! i was going crazy, screaming like a little girl, jumping up and down, tapping jess over and over. i’ve never been so excited about anything in my entire life. and no worries, i got a t shirt and a poster. so worth it.

count ’em

6 hours and 45 minutes in the library

4 hours at work

1 hour in devotional
1 hour in class
30 minutes of commute time to work, to class, to home
2o minutes visiting leah at the daily universe
8 am to 9 pm
13 hours total on campus
do those hours add up? don’t even care.
gotta love college.


fall = craziness. this is my schedule:

8-11 work
11-11:50 psych 302 research, design, & analysis
12-12:50 psych 304 psychological testing
4-4:50 psych 303 writing within psychology
5-6:15 hum 201 western humanities

8-1 work (at the front desk, what up)
1-1:50 new testament
after this i usually have group meetings for my psych classes. boo.
8-11 work
11-11:50 psych 302
12-12:50 psych 304
4-4:50 psych 303
i know, that totally sucks right? i’ve never had a class past 1 on a friday before. double boo.
staying on campus all day = no fun. my scooter saves me a lot of time and energy, especially in the mornings (thanks again dad!) but sometimes it still isn’t worth it to go home for a couple hours and that’s when i end up spending 10 hours on campus every other day. 
woot woot.