pics. by leahmarie. yep.

except for this one. i took this.

we went to the (free!) iron & wine concert in salt lake at the gallivan center last week. leah took some pictures. she’s pretty much pro.



on sunday we went to the oqirrh mountain temple dedication and then we went to the timpanogas temple (which is absolutely beautiful btw!) and took some pictures…

one of the grounds people was walking around and probably thought we were engaged, so i was showing them the lack of a ring. yeah…


my parents are better than your parents :P

no really they are. and i am their favorite child. let me tell you why.
first, my dad comes back from his and gina’s glamorous east coast trip and brings me the first half of my gifts which are three- count ’em- three ‘wicked’ t shirts. it’s almost as if i went myself! so i wore one the next day and my dad took me to dinner (thai evergreen. yum!) and then we ‘helped’ put cason to bed with ben, and then he bought me groceries. what can i say? the man loves me.
then i see gina on saturday with the second half of my gifts. how could i possibly get more?! well i will tell you. as a gilmore girls fan, i was really excited for gina and dad to visit yale and told them to say hi to logan for me. so my dad decided to go out and not only get me a yale hoodie and yale pajama bottoms (as seen below) but the massive gift also included a yale tote bag, a yale frisbee, a yale magnet, and a yale key chain. holy crap! i could fool anyone who didnt know me into thinking i go to yale! thanks dad, so so much! :D

then on thursday my mom comes over and after talking a while takes over a load of my laundry to nanny’s, which saves me about $2.25. then the next day we discuss how old and nasty my comforter is and that it’s probably time for a new one. so we go to target in search for a new one and we see these awesome sets of bedding for fairly cheap. isn’t it so cute?! i absolutely love it. i hurried and washed it so i could use them that night. i was really excited to go to bed that night. just ask my roommates.
thanks mom! it was so great to see you!!!

like i said. their favorite child.