this 4th of july was so fun. i spent the day with my family… mostly gina. i woke up and went to watch the parade at niki’s house which was really fun, they had tigers and princesses and llamas! then gina and i went back to my place and hung out with some friends for a little bit. after that we took a two hour nap and woke up completely ravenous. and how does one satiate the hunger of two griffith girls? taco bell, of course! so we scooted to taco bell, fed the hunger, and came back and got ready for the stadium of fire.
minor story: i have been looking at the massive jonas brothers/stadium of fire poster that is hung on lavell for months now, wishing i could go and fulfill my dream of seeing the jo bros live. well my wonderful father calls me up on thursday and says he wants to buy me and gina tickets to it! isnt he the best?! i was so happy. i heart the jonas brothers. who cares that they are completely cliche and i am 19 years old and have been away at college for over a year? not me. so i got to go with my snister and we had so much fun! afterward we walked back home and hung out with my friends for a couple hours, playing mario kart and such. all in all, it was a great fourth of july! :D




me with the joe. yes they are real.

glamour shot. yessssssss.

we’re at the stadium of fire! great seats dad! :D


look! it’s the jonas brothers! (not really)

model pose.

emo pose.

yeah… we had lots of time before it started…

i’m so glad gina was here with me :)

gina’s bringin sexy back.

we like to think we’re models.

me showing my patriotism.

gina showing her patriotism.


eye shot?

do i have to say what we’re all thinking? gina is beautiful.

david osmond! :O

flyover, super cool.

we’re the dancers…


singing ‘gotta find you’, one of my faves.

i heart joe.

omg, i’m actually at a jonas brothers concert


they burned this huge american flag, it was pretty cool.

this is where they shoot them off apparently

me and my sibs. i love you guys!

so, while gina and i were walking home, we took about 50 pictures of ourselves making different faces about things… when we got home we could only remember a few of them. yeah… we had some good laughs. dont judge.
‘oh mah gash, it’s the jonas brothers!’ face

‘the girl sitting behind us was singing along to all the songs… she wasnt very good…’ face

‘meeting joe jonas’ face

ummm… idk

‘if we could kiss a jonas brother’ face

gina kept walking behind me cause she’s a gimp and lazy

hahahaha… um. no comment.

‘sexy model’ face

‘our gum shows in all our pictures’ face

when we got back we decided to go to denny’s but it seemed like the rest of the world decided that too cause it was super crowded. we didnt actually eat there but we took a picture anyway! :)

this is emron. his name is pronounced em-run. his name is in the book of mormon. he is my friend. and we work together. and we live in the same apartment complex. and we’re in the same ward. we’re pretty much besties. :)

after our failure attempt at eating at denny’s, we decided to make pancakes ourselves. well… emron pretty much made them. they were yummmmmy.

it was a great holiday! i had so much fun! hope you did too! :D

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