people i miss :'(

my family, of course. i got to see gina and my dad this weekend which was nice, and watch sytycd with lauren and haley last night :) but, with the memory of trent’s anniversary last weekend, i realized that i haven’t seen blake, trent, or brooke since the wedding! not to mention all the griffith’s! a whole year! that is no bueno. i guess that’s what i get for being a poor college student with my life being consumed by books, papers, and making money.

colin and conlan. i miss these guys so much. they could seriously brighten up my day in two seconds, just from being around them. conlan is on his mission now, serving in houston, texas, and colin is in kansas (yeah i have a friend from kansas! ;) preparing before he leaves for his mission to the phillipines! i’m so proud of these guys and i love them a lot. they’ve been such great friends. 
miss megan cousin and miss katie haskin! i miss these girlies so so much! katie got to come out here with her flying powers for a couple days a couple months ago and it was so good to see her. she is so fun and i love to be around her! plus she laughs at my jokes ;) and megan came out a few weeks ago too which was so nice. we did what we do best: ate cafe rio, exchanged music, and talked for hours, not to mention a mandatory scooter ride :) they are a couple of my best girl friends and i can’t wait for them to move back to provo so we can see each other every day!

brian, or as we like to call him, bri bri (yeah, he hates that name a lot… oh well :) he left for a trip to the lake in montana with his family last wednesday and then he’s going to canada for a little bit. but he has been my entertainment this summer! and now he’s not here :( brian is my best friend and we have so much fun together and i can’t wait until he gets back.

now, we’ve all heard me whine and complain about jen not being here… but it really does suck! she’s my best friend, my soul mate, my twin, my other half and i’ll stop before it gets too sketchy ;) it’s already bad enough that she’s not here so i can tell her every single thing that goes through my mind so i have to settle for texting (plus the occasionally skype) but when she was in london my texting amount went down significantly. it was rather pathetic how low it got. i think i went a whole day without texting anyone. so she was supposed to be gone for 5 weeks which was fine, sucky, but fine, we had been preparing for it. but then a week ago she gets diagnosed with mono! so her stay in minnesota became almost 2 weeks longer, and she will be coming back next thursday, the sixth. that’s 6 1/2 weeks!!! :'(
my saving graces:
leah marie wasson. yes, she was gone for the first couple weeks and she did leave me here without notice for the long weekend, and our work schedules work out perfectly so that she leaves for work an hour before i get home but, we have had some good talks and good times. here is just a sample: harry potter at 4 in the morning, yelling boys names in the middle of the street at 2 in the morning, so you think you can dance, titanic til 4 in the morning. yes. i love her.
sarah and i have also become closer, especially with our wonderful adventurous weekend together (as seen in the previous post). she is so much fun and so beautiful and i want to be like her when i grow up :) krystle absolutely cracks me up. she is so amazing in every way and i love her. we wish she was staying to live with us in fall and winter but, alas, she’s going to the flcr instead :(
this whole apartment has been so fun to hang out with: michael, brady, shane, eric, and steve. they all are so fun and funny and they can keep me entertained for a long time. but i think the only reason they keep me around is for my free massages… ;)
emron and james are hilarious, absolutely hilarious. we hang out with them almost everyday and we all have so much fun together. they are so original and fun and smart and they way they interact together is just priceless.

pioneer day turned asia day. oh yes. that just happened.

um i went link crazy so check them all out! :)
one of the many perks of living in utah is PIONEER DAY. every 24th of july, everyone gets school and work off to celebrated the brave men and women who crossed the plains to settle in this beautiful land. some people think it is a stupid holiday and there is no reason for celebrating it, especially since it is only celebrated in utah, seeing as how we have a very strong passion for our ancestors and genealogy. but i don’t know what they are complaining about. not only do you get work and school of for the day, but there are fireworks too! and who doesn’t love fireworks?
anyway, i didn’t have to go to work friday to celebrate the glorious holiday season which has been so nice so far because we all know that long weekends are the best weekends. so let’s start with thursday. to kick off the weekend, i found out that my best friend jennifer kerr has mono and will not be returning to utah on sunday as previously planned. which is really depressing. we’ve already passed our two week record of not seeing each other and now it will be more than the five weeks we were prepared for :( sad.
then i got home from work and, after extensive research, found out that my roomie leah has up and left the state for california without notice. no note. no text. nothing. the way i found out was from our friend katie who lives on the other side of the country. there goes our wonderful fun-filled weekend together. i was also very very hungry and was planning on going to dinner with leah. boo.
so, after throwing a fit to like 5 different people (keep in mind i was starving, so i blew my loneliness way out of proportion because of it. hunger does not so pleasant things to me. ask jen or brian), i settled on the couch and read for a bit, waiting for my newfound love, so you think you can dance, to start. meanwhile i got reassured by my other roommate, sarah, that she would come home as soon as possible, which she did while i was watching sytycd. after the show ended (why did jason have to go?????), i received a very apologetic from leah and emron & james came over demanding that we go and eat somewhere which i was all for, seeing as how i’d only had a pop tart all day. so we got some cafe rio- yum- and went back home to watch a movie. this is what the boys came up with:
yes. we watched ‘gattaca’ (a very very good movie made in ’97 with jude law [a good reason to watch it in and of itself], ethan hawke, and uma thurman) outside. it was pretty fun. after that sarah and i went inside, talked for a bit, listened to some music, and decided that ‘battlefield’ by jordin sparks was our new song. then after reading a little bit i went to bed.
(sorry this is so long. i hope it’s entertaining. feel free to stop reading at any time)
the next morning (friday, pioneer day) i kept waking up early, like 8:30, 9:30 despite the fact i had gone to bed at like 3:30 but thats around the time i usually get up so i made myself go back to sleep. then at 11 i finally got up and decided to go downstairs and watch ‘twilight’. sarah joined me shortly and we watched the movie together. here are some select quotes that we thoroughly enjoy:
“feature’s dead, angela. don’t bring it up again.”
“you should put YOUR seatbelt on.”
“zero weirdness.”
google google google
“i’m the one with the wicked curveball.”
“it’s just a scary story.”
“my monkey man.”
“what’s up, arizona? how you likin’ da rain, girl?”
oh, we also decided to document everything we did, so this picture was taken a little later but whatevs
after that we decided it we should go swimming, or just settle for hot tubbing since we have one here at park place. so we got dressed and went to the hot tub. well, we were banking on it not being hot cause it usually isn’t… but it was. and it was pretty hot outside despite the threatening clouds overhead. so we went to find james to see if he wanted to come swimming slash if he knew where we could go. we walked over to campus plaza but there were a bunch of people on the pool so we came back home, got sarah’s car and went over to alta apartments and swam there. again, these pictures are after the fact (notice it’s dark) but you get the idea.
well, while we were swimming sarah decided that she wanted fried ice cream and, given my previous sushi outing with the brutsch’s and my father, i knew exactly where to get it. the sushi place on center street. well, we figured that that wasn’t really a pioneerish thing to do so we decided to change pioneer day to ASIA DAY. yes. it was settled. it was asia day. we thought of what we could do that was asian… well in twilight, eric yorkie was asian…
so that fulfilled our asia quota with movies. then with swimming, we figured that the asians in america had to get here somehow right? most likely by sailing across the pacific… close enough. plus didn’t asians come up with fireworks too? it was just too perfect of an idea to pass up. so after we swam we came home showered and by then we were starving so we decided to go to thai evergreen which is right by wal mart in orem. it is one of my favorite restaurants here. sooo good. we ran into michael robertson, our friend, neighbor and EQP, when we were walking out of our apartment and when we asked how his holiday was going, he said he’s rather be working cause he was so bored. what?! that is no good, so we made him come with us. it was very yummy and satisfying.
after that we went home and laid on the couch for a bit cause we were so full. then we went to a girl’s who we don’t really know surprise birthday party that we weren’t really invited to but really, no one cared. so we documented our stay there as well:
after this we split and went to get our fried ice cream at demae (thanks lauren!) it was very very good. jess and james came with us too which was lots of fun :)
after this we retraced our steps, taking pictures at the pool and whatnot. then we came home and checked out the new moon sneak peeks. AMAZING! then me and sarah and jess watched ‘the stepford wives’, with nicole kidman, matthew broderick and the united glenn close and christopher walken [‘sarah, plain and tall’ anyone?]. pretty entertaining…
then jess left and sarah and i sat outside for a bit with james. it was raining and it smelled good. i think we missed the fireworks although i’m not sure if they even had any since it was stormy. but while we were sitting on a bench by our front door looking at the sky, sarah out of the blue said “has that tree always been there?” there’s a huge tree behind park place that has in fact always been there. we decided to document that moment and question and took a picture of sarah’s discovery of the tree (except you can’t see it very well… whatevs).
we were so tired from our long and busy day (granted we didn’t leave the house until two but still…) and we were about to head inside when we saw our friend brady and then just talked to him for  a while. this is brady:
yay brady.
at about 12:30 we decided to turn in after our long day which is kind of funny for a friday night since curfew is extended to 1:30 but we were too tired to care. so we went in and went to bed… well i read for a bit but too long cause i was so tired my eyes wouldn’t stay open.
wow. that was a very long post. maybe even longer that the 4th of july one. what is with these holidays?! i guess i just too much fun to pass up blogging about it :)


yesterday was my beautiful mother’s birthday (her 23rd i think… yep that’s it). i called her and got to talk to her. i can only remember a handful of times that i’ve been with her on her birthday :( but we still have many more to come so i promise to come back, momma! :D

so here’s a list of things i love about my maja. i would do 53 but that’s a lot and i’m going on 2 hours of sleep right now (thank you harry) so i think i’ll settle for 5+3. which is 8. which is her favorite number. ;)
1- i love it her nicknames for me, i.e. dollycake, ahli-girl, etc. actually, when i called her yesterday, before she answered the phone i could hear her in my head saying ‘hey dollycake’ when she found out it was me. lo and behold, she pulled through, word for word :)

2- she is so unbelievably selfless. i dont know of anyone else who loves people in general more and would do anything for anyone, especially her children. i know she’s done things for me that i’ve never even realized and taken for granted. i cant remember the last time she did something solely for herself. those instances are few and far between.
3- my mother is BEAUTIFUL. absolutely stunning. i see her and am always amazed at how gorgeous she is. whenever any of my friends meet her, they are always in shock that she is in her fifties. it’s true.
4- she is so much fun. she is always up for anything, be it shopping (she swears to hate shopping… yeah right. that woman can shop all day like it’s nobody’s business), going to the movies, working out, hiking, whatever. she just loves to be with us and is always so fun to be with.

5- gina and i kinda have a joke that we can always hear my mom coming because of her keys. it is unmistakeable. we have guess right 95% of the time that it is my mom and not someone else walking through the door because we can hear the keys jingling.
6- she loves me no matter what. whatever i do or accomplish, i know she’ll be proud of me and support me and love me unconditionally. even with my crazy ideas like going to europe, she was there for me one hundred percent.
7- i admire how much she loves the gospel. i dont know anyone else, besides general authorities and recently returned missionaries who love the church and heavenly father as much as she does. she has always been such an example to me in all that she’s dealt with and lived through and her sincere love for her heavenly father and all his children.

8- i am her favorite child. she cant really admit it but we all know it’s true. i am her pride and joy ;)

i love you mom!!! i want to be like you when i grow up! hope your day was fantastic! :D


this 4th of july was so fun. i spent the day with my family… mostly gina. i woke up and went to watch the parade at niki’s house which was really fun, they had tigers and princesses and llamas! then gina and i went back to my place and hung out with some friends for a little bit. after that we took a two hour nap and woke up completely ravenous. and how does one satiate the hunger of two griffith girls? taco bell, of course! so we scooted to taco bell, fed the hunger, and came back and got ready for the stadium of fire.
minor story: i have been looking at the massive jonas brothers/stadium of fire poster that is hung on lavell for months now, wishing i could go and fulfill my dream of seeing the jo bros live. well my wonderful father calls me up on thursday and says he wants to buy me and gina tickets to it! isnt he the best?! i was so happy. i heart the jonas brothers. who cares that they are completely cliche and i am 19 years old and have been away at college for over a year? not me. so i got to go with my snister and we had so much fun! afterward we walked back home and hung out with my friends for a couple hours, playing mario kart and such. all in all, it was a great fourth of july! :D




me with the joe. yes they are real.

glamour shot. yessssssss.

we’re at the stadium of fire! great seats dad! :D


look! it’s the jonas brothers! (not really)

model pose.

emo pose.

yeah… we had lots of time before it started…

i’m so glad gina was here with me :)

gina’s bringin sexy back.

we like to think we’re models.

me showing my patriotism.

gina showing her patriotism.


eye shot?

do i have to say what we’re all thinking? gina is beautiful.

david osmond! :O

flyover, super cool.

we’re the dancers…


singing ‘gotta find you’, one of my faves.

i heart joe.

omg, i’m actually at a jonas brothers concert


they burned this huge american flag, it was pretty cool.

this is where they shoot them off apparently

me and my sibs. i love you guys!

so, while gina and i were walking home, we took about 50 pictures of ourselves making different faces about things… when we got home we could only remember a few of them. yeah… we had some good laughs. dont judge.
‘oh mah gash, it’s the jonas brothers!’ face

‘the girl sitting behind us was singing along to all the songs… she wasnt very good…’ face

‘meeting joe jonas’ face

ummm… idk

‘if we could kiss a jonas brother’ face

gina kept walking behind me cause she’s a gimp and lazy

hahahaha… um. no comment.

‘sexy model’ face

‘our gum shows in all our pictures’ face

when we got back we decided to go to denny’s but it seemed like the rest of the world decided that too cause it was super crowded. we didnt actually eat there but we took a picture anyway! :)

this is emron. his name is pronounced em-run. his name is in the book of mormon. he is my friend. and we work together. and we live in the same apartment complex. and we’re in the same ward. we’re pretty much besties. :)

after our failure attempt at eating at denny’s, we decided to make pancakes ourselves. well… emron pretty much made them. they were yummmmmy.

it was a great holiday! i had so much fun! hope you did too! :D