jennifer nora kerr is a stallion.

so jen ran the ragnar aka the wasatch back last friday and saturday. it was pretty much insane. for those of you who actually read this but dont what the wasatch back is, it’s a relay race from logan to park city over the course of two days. the mileage is about 188 miles which, for jen’s team was divided between 12 people, each person running 3 different legs. jen said that some people do the whole thing by themselves. craziness. anyway, brian and i went up to watch some of it on friday and we got there just in time to see jen about halfway finished with her first leg which was about 7 miles (!!!). we pulled over and cheered her on then went to the end of that leg to see her finish.
he likes to torture me in various ways.

waiting for jen…

here she comes!

there she goes!

one leg down, two to go.

good job jenkerr!

this next segment is paying homage to jenkerr, my bestie. she is in minnesota/london for the next 5 weeks and i’m hoping i survive. this is the longest time we’ve spent apart since we met :'(

i love you jenkerr! having brian is nice but it’s nothing like having you!!! :(


so tonight we had fhe (i’m the ‘mom’ in case you didnt know). for the activity we made dessert sushi. weird, right? no. it was a HUGE hit. i didnt even know what i was doing! i mean, i got this idea from gilmore girls, season 7, episode 2, i think, when lorelai makes asia in their living room because rory didnt get to go there with logan… yeah, tmi. the point is that i had no idea what i was doing and we just kinda winged it, (wung it?). while we were buying the ingredients- fruity pebbles made into rice krispy treats, gummy worms, skittles, and fruit roll ups- justin (my fhe ‘husband’) had his doubts. and it was freaking me out. i thought it wasnt going to work. but, it did. and everyone loved me for it. and they were so fun to make! try it out! :D