it’s back.

gilmore girls.

it’s back. jen and i are watching all seven seasons this summer. well, brian too, but he mostly plays dota while we watch. we wanted to finish them all in spring before jen goes to minnesota and london while i’m left here to rot but that is a lot of hours and episodes. we are definitely not opposed to sitting and watching them all day for hours on end but, ya know, apparently school and work are more of a priority :/ anyway, this is what we do when we are all homeworked out. this is typically the extent of a jen and ahlin conversation:
ahlin- ok, i finished my homework.
jen- good job! i did too.
ahlin- so… gg?
jen- duh.
pretty much. we havent gotten up the courage to make friends with the people in our ward (they’re old!!!) and we thoroughly enjoy wasting our time away in front of the tv, living our lives through the gilmore girls, wishing we could drink coffee and be as witty as them. gilmore girls brings pure joy to our lives and we are glad to have them back. even if we know what happens in every single episode. gg for life.

2 thoughts on “it’s back.

  1. I love this because this is the same conversation Car and I had yesterday..and the day before…and the day before.. and i suspect the next three months. except we’re on season five now. what.

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