jen and leah and i went to california for the memorial day weekend. we left thursday night, spent the night in st g, got up early friday morning, got to carlsbad by 2 and, after saying hi to daddy-o, headed straight to the beach. after that, dad took us to dinner at souplantation (yummmm!) and after an episode of gg, we were so exhausted so we went to bed. saturday we woke up, watched some gg, then went shopping at the carlsbad outlets. there were so many great memorial day sales! we spent like four hours there then went back home, quickly changed into our suits then went back to the beach. it was so beautiful and clear and perfect. after that dad took us out to dinner (again! he’s the best :) for some real authentic mexican at las olas. then we went to the temple and walked around for a bit. it was so beautiful. we were once again exhausted so we went to bed after just one gg. sunday morning we got up, packed, cleaned and were headed out by 10:30 (after dad filled up our tank! thanks again dad!!!) after hitting zero traffic whatsoever, we got to st g at about 6 then just chillaxed the rest of the night, finishing the 2nd season of gilmore girls :) monday morning we went to ihop, bought judd’s birthday present then headed out at 12:30, once again not hitting any traffic. it was such a fun, successful, and very much needed vacation! thanks dad for making it so laid back and for all you did!!!

isn’t he so cute?! i love him!!! :D

goodbye california! our theme song for the trip: “don’t stop believing” from glee. and our sub theme song was “livin’ on a prayer”. bon jovi. oh yes.


here are some pics of my new scooter! thanks dad! you’re the best!!! :D

my scooter could eat most other scooters ;)
i still have to name it. suggestions?


my new apartment! :)

view one in mine and jen’s room.

view two of mine and jen’s room.


big closet. yesss.

my desk. where i do my deep thinking. and have my profound thoughts. yup.

it’s back.

gilmore girls.

it’s back. jen and i are watching all seven seasons this summer. well, brian too, but he mostly plays dota while we watch. we wanted to finish them all in spring before jen goes to minnesota and london while i’m left here to rot but that is a lot of hours and episodes. we are definitely not opposed to sitting and watching them all day for hours on end but, ya know, apparently school and work are more of a priority :/ anyway, this is what we do when we are all homeworked out. this is typically the extent of a jen and ahlin conversation:
ahlin- ok, i finished my homework.
jen- good job! i did too.
ahlin- so… gg?
jen- duh.
pretty much. we havent gotten up the courage to make friends with the people in our ward (they’re old!!!) and we thoroughly enjoy wasting our time away in front of the tv, living our lives through the gilmore girls, wishing we could drink coffee and be as witty as them. gilmore girls brings pure joy to our lives and we are glad to have them back. even if we know what happens in every single episode. gg for life.

end of winter :'(

here are some of the last remnants of our winter semester and wyview experience. it was so sad to leave all of our friends. we had become so close as a ward, we were pretty much all best friends. i love the 4th ward!!!

at our final ward bash. we’re hawt.

so some guys in our ward organized and executed a breakfast dinner in a matter of a couple hours and our whole ward went. it was so fun to mingle and play with them all one last time.
colin and me and jen with our pouty faces. and ben behind. being ridiculous.

oh cameron davis. he pretended to hate me. but he deep down, he loves me. ;)

still roomies!!!

this is what happens when you mix jen leaving her camera and marshmallows. a photo shoot promoting the new and improved ‘mallow lip gloss.

i miss katie! she’s in georgia for the summer and i want her to come back to p town!!! :'(

colin and conlan were kind enough to take jen and i to the bus station and say our final good byes. it was so sad! these two have been a couple of our best friends over the past five months or so and it was so sad to leave them. this picture totally epitomizes them too. :'(
this is the bus station?
this is what happens when your finals are crazy so you have to do all your packing and cleaning and saying goodbye the night before you leave on a nine am bus for st george. all nighters are killer.
we havent been to target in ages. and jen + ahlin + target = amazing fun.