i am the best blogger in the world. ever.

future roomies! (minus carrie) jen, me, katie, leah, and sarah.
ward prayer. me jen and megan. we looooove megan!

spring sing. we’re twinners. by chance. no really.

the jafar girls (for you vicki ;). h-a-w-t.

jafar girls with john slash jafar. we are smoldering temptresses.

we’re the one’s who yelled to hayden: ‘hey there!’ ‘cutie!’ ‘hot stuff!’ ‘call me!’

roomies! in the sun. we heart the sun.

my really good friend adam jones left on his mission :( he’s going to milan, italy! lucky kid.

ben and i made pizza. and put strawberries on it. and named it pizzacus. he’s a ghost. obviously.
at our ward activity. we are hawt.

after studying in the library for hours on a saturday. we were starving. dont judge.
brian needed a hair cute. desperately.

us taking pictures while brian gets his hair cut.

leslie, jen and katie’s friend from minnesota/london came and visited and we went to divine comedy. so hilarious.

jen likes to take pictures of us while we’re sleeping. creeper.

10 thoughts on “i am the best blogger in the world. ever.

  1. that is so not true! i have to tell you every time i do :Ponce every two months… you think you’re sooo funny dont you? well you’re not. so there.

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