we have a celebrity couple name… jenanahlin

so my beloved sister, aka photographer extraordinaire was ever so willing to take pictures of me and my roommate/bestie, jen kerr. gina felt bad for taking “horrible” senior pictures of me (which arent bad, i still love them. but you should check out her recent senior pics. a maz ing) so she was super willing to take pictures of us for our new room in our new apartment! :D
anyway, these are some of the pictures. jen and i love them. they totally capture our relationship, which is pretty much nonstop laughter. gina can vouch for that. she kept telling us to be ourselves but laughing constantly pretty much is us…
haha plus we had a bit of a joke going how it was like gina was taking engagement pictures of us… yeah. we are not engaged. ;)

this is a normal look for us.

jen’s in love with me. bahahaha

oh snap.

“ah! we’re in the middle of the street!”

smoldering temptresses. oh yes.


we like to laugh…

… a lot.


so jen, katie, megan, and i went to the allred show last night. it was a nice girls night out and break from all the crazy final/packing/moving out that’s going on :(sad). it was sooo much fun. i love these girls and allred so it was a win win for me :D plus katie and megan had never heard or seen allred besides what they’ve heard me play. i love introducing people to new music, especially when they end up absolutely loving it ;) here are some pics of the night…
here we are waiting in line and creepy mccreeper thought it would be hilarious to be in our picture. seriously, we took this picture like four times and in every one he’s doing the exact same thing. nice. :P 
besties! i am so so sooo happy we’re living together for the next year/forever!
funny story… so by going to this show we got a wristband for a free burger and drink at sammy’s. we were all starving so once we got into the venue we left to grab some free food since it was right around the corner. after we order and sit down jen suddenly gets really quiet and whispers, “ahlin! allred!” i turn around and he’s sitting right there! of course i totally and completely keep my cool and walk right up to him, express my undying love for him and he admits i am his one and only and proposes on the spot… haha, oh man, i wish. no, katie was the brave one, she went up and started talking to him then we all joined in. he’s so nice!
he is so amazing.
one word- love.
so we “called” members of the band for each of us…

this is dave. he is a guitar player. he is jen’s.
this is shane. he’s a bass player. he is katie’s.
this is nate. he’s a drummer. he is megan’s.
and, of course, allred is left. and he is mine. i saw him first. :P
it was such a fun night! i loved hanging out with the girls and listening to amazing music all night! plus we got his new album for free and a free burger & drink. does it get any better than that?

i am the best blogger in the world. ever.

future roomies! (minus carrie) jen, me, katie, leah, and sarah.
ward prayer. me jen and megan. we looooove megan!

spring sing. we’re twinners. by chance. no really.

the jafar girls (for you vicki ;). h-a-w-t.

jafar girls with john slash jafar. we are smoldering temptresses.

we’re the one’s who yelled to hayden: ‘hey there!’ ‘cutie!’ ‘hot stuff!’ ‘call me!’

roomies! in the sun. we heart the sun.

my really good friend adam jones left on his mission :( he’s going to milan, italy! lucky kid.

ben and i made pizza. and put strawberries on it. and named it pizzacus. he’s a ghost. obviously.
at our ward activity. we are hawt.

after studying in the library for hours on a saturday. we were starving. dont judge.
brian needed a hair cute. desperately.

us taking pictures while brian gets his hair cut.

leslie, jen and katie’s friend from minnesota/london came and visited and we went to divine comedy. so hilarious.

jen likes to take pictures of us while we’re sleeping. creeper.