my new obsession. thanks jen.

so i have a fairly new obsession, thanks to my bestie, jen kerr. she introduced me to lois and clark at the beginning of fall semester and i love it but i didnt watch it religiously… right away. then, sometime this semester, i forget when, she brought it out again and we watched the second episode and i was immediately hooked.
i dont know why i havent watched this before. i remember seeing a part of an episode- i dont know how long ago… like when it aired- and thinking it was really cool. then, years later i would see it in stores and remember my brief encounter with it. the title now had new meaning for me as well, since i had learned who lewis and clark were. but now, i can’t get it out of my mind! there are only four seasons and now i’m on the 4th disc of the second season.
clark kent is my new favorite superhero. and i’ve never seen any other superman so this version is my fave too. and dean cain…. i mean, take a look for yourself.
need i say more?