for valentine’s day jen and i lounged around. we decided to take our one day off from our no sweets/treats new years resolution by drinking root beer, eating sugar cookies, popcorn, skittles, peanut butter m&m’s, and junior mints. very well worth it. while pigging out we watch some lois & clark (a new kick i’m on, thank you jen for introducing me and having every episode) and then step up. afterward, we started to get ready for the invitational dance. it was such a fun date. i went with the ra spencer fields. he was so nice but he could only come to the dance part because he was in charge of the pictures at the dance. it was still so fun though! :)


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  1. Loved the pictures! Loved Them! Your date is the man! And quite the dancer I hear! I’m glad he made up for missing the dinner with his moves on the dance floor! lol, glad I could add to the bareness of your Blog! Thanks for the favor! Much Love! Peace!

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