so i’ve meant to post about the birthdays that have come and gone so now i will… finally. all in one post. here we go:
we’ll start with my snister, gina. it was her birthday on the 23rd of december. she turned 17. so crazy. i love her so much and i’m so glad i got to be there! we went to australia, hung out with her cute friends, and ALMOST got her ears pierced (dont worry, the task was completed later). love you horhina!

next- brian shaw. he is one of my best friends and he turned 18 on january 17th. see, now, brian has this thing with birthdays where he thinks that they’re not important and if he thinks that we would let his 18th birthday go by without doing anything, he picked the wrong friends. so we gave him 18 things everyday last week (pictures to come) and then took a day trip down to st g on the actual glorious day (more pictures to come). we had lots of fun and it was cool to show them my stomping ground. plus we got to get out of the snow and into 60 degree weather! ;)

now today, the 19th of january, is my baby bro david’s birthday. 14! can you believe it?! he will now be a teacher and will be able to go to stake dances (even though he has sworn to not go to any of them… we’ll see). i love him and am glad he now has a phone so we can talk and text more often. happy birthday david!

and, just so i wont forget and since i probably have time to later, but it’s kendall’s birthday on the 22nd. she is my oldest sister and i love her tons!


One thought on “birfdays

  1. Way to be David. Dances are overrated. Birthdays are overrated to… what are we celebrating? That I made it twelve months without dieing? Still, I had tonnes of fun this Birthday. Thanks to you of course ;)

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