brian turns the big 1-8

it was brian’s birthday last saturday so jen and i decided to go all out for him, especially since he doesnt like birthdays ;) so every day we gave him 18 of something. the first day(monday) we made him a cd with 18 songs- one from each year of his life. some were pretty funny. for tuesday, we heart attacked his door with 18 things we love about him.
wednesday was 18 things brian always says, “brian-isms”. we had fun attempting(and failing) to do this before brian came home, without him seeing us. yeah, lets just say we ended up hiding in the boys’ bathroom who lives above him…
thursday we made a book of 18 memories we had together. it was so hard to choose only 18! we had a fun time drawing them though ;)
finally, on friday, we gave him 18 balloons and then one that said “happy birthday” all over it and covered his bed.

then, on his actual birthday(saturday the 17th) we made a day trip down to st george. we had so much fun. i loved making memories in my hometown with these two and showing them fun things there. best road trip ever! :)
this is our first and second attempt to fill the tires. the first hose thing was frozen so we had to go somewhere else but it worked! and brian was such a gentleman- he let us stay in the warm car while he filled them up.
right before we head out. brian was really tired… he’s not really a morning person… ;)
the drive….. brian sleeps, jen and i sing… and jen takes twenty billion pictures of the scenery, exclaiming every 5 minutes how beautiful it is…

when we got to good ol’ wahsington, we first stopped by my house so i could show them around. then we went and visited gina who was babysitting for jamie(of course). it was fun for them to all finally meet in person since they’re friends in every other possible way(i.e. talking on the phone, over facebook, video chat, etc). here’s a pic of me and jen at jamie’s house. jen totally loved it.
next we hit inn-n-out since jen’s only been once and brian’s never has. ever. and that is a sin. it was very very yummy and well deserved. (p.s. notice brian’s shirt. we maybe might have given it to him for his birthday[along with a star wars book, of course!]. but its so cute! we definitely have good taste. and so does he ;)
we then went over to best buy where jen and brian proceeded to play lego indiana jones on the ps3. they were on the same team but they were killing each other with shovels and whips… we love each other.
after that fun stuff, we picked up david and then headed over to dixie rock so we could get some “hiking” in and a good view of st. george. i’ve actually only done it once before so it was cool to do it again. plus brian and david liked pretending to fall off the cliff… yeah i’m pretty sure jen and i went into mom mode then…
next we dropped david off, drove past good ol’ pine view, and went to the mall. i wanted to show them how small it is, especially compared to jen’s mall of america. brian ended up buying some new kicks too ’cause is were dying. after that we went to the temple because they’d never seen it before and it’s one of my faves.
then i showed them this awesome hill in st g. its really cool so we went down it a couple times. then we went to go see the indian above golden spoon… but it wasnt there! i was so disappointed. i had talked this indian up like no other and then it just decided to not be there. it all turned out for the better though. while we were waiting for brian to use the “washroom” in golden spoon i ran into my high school bestie, michelle judd! it was such a wonderful coincidence. and it was perfect timing! brian and jen got to meet finally meet her after talking about her so much and vice versa. but while i was catching up with judd, jen and brian were having fun taking pictures…
after this we went to a park that has a couple “rock climbing rocks”. we have fun…. this is us on top.
after this we went back to jamie’s house and watched enchanted in the theatre room with gina and the kids. then we went back to my family’s house, jen and brian met dave(oh boy… ;) and then we went to fill up, grab del taco and head out!
we were really excited for the drive home…
yeah we were pretty loopy when we got back. not on the drive, just while we were sitting, waiting for niki to come get her car….
so, all in all, it was a really fun trip. and, it wasnt even that expensive! the grand total(after filling up a quarter before we left provo, filling up three quarters when we left st george, and then filling up three quarters again before giving it back to niki) was 38 dollars! not bad, especially when you split between 3 people…


so i’ve meant to post about the birthdays that have come and gone so now i will… finally. all in one post. here we go:
we’ll start with my snister, gina. it was her birthday on the 23rd of december. she turned 17. so crazy. i love her so much and i’m so glad i got to be there! we went to australia, hung out with her cute friends, and ALMOST got her ears pierced (dont worry, the task was completed later). love you horhina!

next- brian shaw. he is one of my best friends and he turned 18 on january 17th. see, now, brian has this thing with birthdays where he thinks that they’re not important and if he thinks that we would let his 18th birthday go by without doing anything, he picked the wrong friends. so we gave him 18 things everyday last week (pictures to come) and then took a day trip down to st g on the actual glorious day (more pictures to come). we had lots of fun and it was cool to show them my stomping ground. plus we got to get out of the snow and into 60 degree weather! ;)

now today, the 19th of january, is my baby bro david’s birthday. 14! can you believe it?! he will now be a teacher and will be able to go to stake dances (even though he has sworn to not go to any of them… we’ll see). i love him and am glad he now has a phone so we can talk and text more often. happy birthday david!

and, just so i wont forget and since i probably have time to later, but it’s kendall’s birthday on the 22nd. she is my oldest sister and i love her tons!