roomie christmas!

so we decided to have a roommate christmas this year. it was so much fun. we picked names for stockings and then just gave each of our other roommates a present. i brought home a mini tree from my st george visit at thanksgiving and we had our apartment decorated and everything. it was a blast. we had a roomie party on the night of the 18th in celebration of the semester being over (thank goodness). we celebrated with pizza, martinelli’s, ‘elf’ and a sleepover! (aka pulling our mattresses into the living room. brian helped us with our stockings- he was our santa ;)- and we woke up the next morning to our rather attractive home teacher knocking on our door, wanting to borrow the vacuum (and him seeing me in my pj’s with no make up on! yikes!), presents and christmas breakfast! it was way too much fun.

my freaking awesome hannah montana stocking! :) (ah, the underlining again. i have no idea why this is happening!)


a little catch up…

yeah i have become a fiend to the blogging world. i apologize. good thing the new year will be ringing in soon and what better time to start new habits? so i will just start with some pictures and a brief summary of them. ready, set, go:
we did some more ice skating and were blessed to have david with us. what a treat. then, after, we walked down the street from our house to look at some pretty lights :)
we took a temple square trip for a ward fhe activity. it was so awesome to see the beautiful lights and watch the joseph smith movie again. while we were there we had a fake proposal, some snow angels, and some lovin from brian and adam ;)
snow came our way, and it was rather exciting for jen and i. so we wrote our names in it in the middle of the night. it was awesome. we love snow so much, its just so beautiful. especially when silly boys decide to leave balls of it on your doorstep, or stuff your shoes with it, or make it into a huge snowball around the doorknob so you cant get in…
yes. lots of fun. now the next subject gets a post all its own…


yeah sorry i havent posted anything new in a bit… its finals week and i have been studying like crazy (can you say 6 hours in the library?) and my brain hurts and i just want to sleep. its ok though. come wednesday i will DONE. finished, never to come back… well to the stupid classes i despise, at least (*cough* interior design *cough* jogging *cough*). i’m surviving fine. with my i pod on shuffle (thank you josh [groban], you sing to my soul. you too michael [buble, clarification  for those of you not on first name basis]), and starting the day with jamba, i think i will get through. keep me in your prayers guys…


the measure of my mood

happy ahlin:

when my room is clean, i am automatically happy. it is not something i do in purpose, it is not a conscious thing, its just how it works. i love having my room clean. but if i cannot just clean it all at once, it doesnt happen. that is when i turn into…
stressed ahlin:
i am always noticeably more stressed out and grumpy when my room is cluttered. i can never find anything, i have to literally jump in and out of my bed, i feel bad for my poor roommate jess, and it is just no bueno. and yet it still happens.
i hate it so much when my room is messy. but i just cant clean it whenever. i have to do it all at once or not at all. thats why i usually do it on the weekends… usually. if i am not too tired. but the second my room is clean i feel ten times better.
but, of course, this week, the week when i could use all the non stress i can get, my room is a mess. it is not fun. not. one. bit.

more for gina…

yes this is more christmas list for my snister so… yeah.

– this might be lame, but a calender. preferably one with a rather good looking man as the subject. like humphrey. or gerard. or james. or rob. you know…
– 2 tickets for a one way trip to paris. you and me baby ;)
– scrapbooking stuff. i like to scrapbook. a lot. even if i am too scared to use the cute stickers and such cause they are too freaking amazing…
– smelly stuff. i’m out of moonlight path, can you believe it? too bad they dont make magnolia blossom anymore. that was my fave :(
– coupon book to the movies? that sounds like something i could put to good use.
actually scratch all that. all i want is for you to come visit me! one weekend, spring break, uea, something soon! please please please…
yeah, i havent written in a while and there havent been any new “exciting” pictures for a while so i’m just going to throw these on here. its pretty late but i just wanna do this for kicks and giggles. more to come later.
oh, plus i cant find my bloody camera cord to put pictures onto my laptop so hopefully i will get that problem solved promptly so you can see our A MAZ ING LY decorated apartment. :)

jen, brian, andrew, and… yeah. that there under the blanket. that’s me. story of my life…
oh look. i’m still getting bullied. yea me. jk i love my friends.