christmas list

so i have to make this christmas wish list real quick so gina knows what i want since she pulled my name this year (yea!) so you can skip this one, or not. whatevs.

ok. i wanna barbie, and a pony, and rollerskates, and rollerskates for my dolly, and my pony… :)
ok for realsies now:
– movies. if you want specifics, call me.
– clothes. target is nice.
– you could replace the killers sawdust album you lost… just throwin that out there…
– earrings (you’ve done well with these in the past)
– musica. itunes is always a safe, welcomed option.
– make up
– gift card to some freaking amazing store that we love
– a pretty necklace to replace the one that niki gave me last year :( it broke. i did not lose it.
– ooh maybe a pretty ring too
– movie posters. oh yes. that would be awesome. examples: atonement, penelope, titanic, dan in real life, twilight… etc.
– james mcavoy.
i cant think of any more at present but if i do i will let you know. i’ll re post this or something.

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