"dont break the ice"

this was the theme for the preference dance we went to on friday night. i took my bff andrew, jen took brian, and jen’s younger sister, meg, was in town so she took john. it was really fun. we made them a wonderful spaghetti dinner…

…after which we watched half of mulan while we waited for it to be time to get on the bus. we got on the bus and we thought we knew what stop to get off of but it turns out we didnt. its ok though because there was a really nice lady who let us know when to get off. then we went to the seven peaks ice skating rink where the dance was held. this is us waiting in line to sign the waiver just in case one of us died…
then we got our skates- and thanks to our genius planning we didnt have to wait super long cause we were there right when it started, going against my fashionably late rule;) – then started skating. it was actually a big deal because the first and last time jen went ice skating she fell and broke her tooth and years of surgery and teeth issues followed. ere go, her sister meg never skated. so this was quite the affair. i am very proud of them for getting out there after they were scared for their lives :)
after skating for about an hour and a half we took our moves to the dance floor and danced until we could no more… cause the dance ended. we took some more pics then headed back to our place. since the buses dont run all night, we were going to walk but niki was so nice and came and picked us up before we got too far. we still had some time before “curfew” so we finished mulan which ended right as it turned 1:30. we had noticed that it was the perfect night for star gazing so we grabbed some blankets and went out on the frosted grass to see if we could catch some stars. brian had never seen a shooting star and this was his lucky night. we saw at least five of them. it was crazy cold even though we had about twenty blankets. andrew went home after like a half hour and meg left a little after him. john, jen, brian and i might have stayed out a bit longer… like maybe till 5… yeah. oops ;)
above i’m reprimanding andrew for not smiling. this is a rather typical andrew/ahlin shot. did i mention we are bff’s? we got one though :)

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