a picture is worth a thousand words…

…or so it is said. let us take a little looksie at this picture and see if it is, in fact, worth a thousand words…

so you’re looking at this and wondering what the big deal is. so i’m on my phone with one foot in the bedroom door and someone decided to take a picture of me. BIG DEAL.
well it is a big deal. one, because this is actually not my apartment. it is brian’s apartment. so that brings us to two. yes this is me breaking the honor code. good thing someone decided to get evidence of it by taking a picture. hope katie doesnt see this… ;) now three is my very legitimate reason for me going to the dark side and breaking the oh so fragile honor code. let me describe it with yet another picture.
yes. that is definitely a snake my friend adam is kissing. now do you blame me for crossing the “chastity line”?! it was a matter of life and death! anyone who knows me knows i am scared to death of snakes. i still have nightmares of them… being in my bed, slithering under my door, chasing me down and eating me! yes, definitely not number one on my list of favorite animals. despite this fact, though, adam still decided to chase me down with the freakin python. what amazing friends i have.
yes this is adam chasing me down with moses (the snake) and trying to coax me to come out. yeah right! i eventually did come out and was about to leave but then they promised me they wouldnt let the snake get near me. so i sat on the couch on the other side of the room while they held it. at one point they tried to pretend that they lost it. sooo funny. not really.
at least jen was brave.

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