happy birthday to katie

so it was katie’s birthday on the october 30th. we didnt really do anything on that day except go to our ward halloween party and wrestle in pumpkin guts (pictures to come later). BUT we did throw her a surprise birthday party last saturday which was the 1st of november. it was really fun planning it all and getting her to come over from her friends so she could get surprised. we all danced and mingled for a bit then we pulled out the glow sticks, went outside, and became glow-in-the-dark-people! it was so fun. we just cut open the glow sticks and whipped all the juice on each other. it was so fun, but it didnt taste very good and some people got it in their eyes. no bueno. but thats ok. then we went back inside, turned off all the lights and danced the night away! it was sooo fun. i’d never been to a glow stick party, let alone hosted one, but i must say it was a big hit. i dont know why, but glow sticks appeal to the masses. everyone enjoys glow sticks. whether they’re on your clothes or around your head, they’re always so fun! i highly recommend it ;)

tyler and john. silly boys.
jen and i. party maniacs! ;)
fun with glow sticks.
stuart taking a picture of the glow-stick-ness… in our bathroom

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