best halloween ever!

so, i am one finds halloween a rather fun holiday. but this year was slightly different. jen and i could not think of a costume to save our lives! we thought about it constantly for a week and we got nothing. we asked everyone we talked to multiple times to help us think of something, but to no avail. we tried to think of something we could do with brian, but of course every awesome trio is 2 guys and a girl (harry, ron, hermione; edward, bella, jacob, etc). the only 2 girls and a guy group we could think of was lizzie, miranda and gordo. l-a-m-e. so then we went back to just me and jen. katie had already decided to be a baby and jess was set on harpo marx. finally, at five o’clock on hallows eve, it hit me. vampires! its easy, we can look good, we heart vampires as of late (by late i mean for the past year or so) and we were desperate. cliche? maybe, but like i said, desperate. so we went to shopko and looked for white face paint and teeth, which, of course, they didnt have on account of it being halloween day. but it turned out to be ok. we made ourselves look even cooler. we bought really light face powder, fake acrylic nails, and red nail polish. then we went back home and started getting all decked out. i did jen’s make up and we picked out our dresses and became ladies of the night! it was really fun getting all dressed up. so we took a picture with jess because she was going on a date that she was looking forward to oh so much (please note the sarcasm), then brian came over and we made our way over to our other friend’s house where katie was getting ready. after taking some fabulous pics, we headed off to the dance, fashionably late of course ;) we danced some, went and checked out a haunted house which had a 1 1/2 hour long wait (yeah right!), went back to the dance, then went and watched darkness falls. and no, i did not stay up till 4 in the morning! now why on earth would you assume that… ;) now for some photos…

two vamps and harpo marx
two vamps and a baby

me, jen, and katie with leah and her roommates. they were crazy ex-girlfriends. so funny!
the baby and the seal-clubber >
here we are attacking brian and his lame costume. brian is a seal-clubber. what in the world is that? you might ask. well, i’ll tell you. apparently seals are taking over canada, so canadians like brian are taking the liberty of killing them off. yup, it’s exactly what it sounds like: clubbing. baby. seals. is that not the worst thing you’ve ever heard?! we tried to convince him to be a vampire with us but noooo. he had to stick to his stupid “costume” that not even his canadian friends got! so lame… i do like this picture though :)
here i am with my bff andrew gerald lutes. now the joker was a very common choice of costume this year, i think we all saw that. but my friend andrew had it down. for some reason he loves the joker. even out of costume, if he wants to freak us out, he’ll pull out his little pocket knife, hold it up, lick his lips and say “you wanna know why i use knives?…” and so on and so forth. now this used to creep me right out but then i got over it like the second time. but when he was in costume it made it even better. at one point of the night that was not 4 in the morning because that is a ridiculous time to go to bed, a girl cam out of her apartment and he pulled this little stunt on her. it was quite entertaining.
so, all in all, i’d say this was the best halloween ever!

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