christmas list

so i have to make this christmas wish list real quick so gina knows what i want since she pulled my name this year (yea!) so you can skip this one, or not. whatevs.

ok. i wanna barbie, and a pony, and rollerskates, and rollerskates for my dolly, and my pony… :)
ok for realsies now:
– movies. if you want specifics, call me.
– clothes. target is nice.
– you could replace the killers sawdust album you lost… just throwin that out there…
– earrings (you’ve done well with these in the past)
– musica. itunes is always a safe, welcomed option.
– make up
– gift card to some freaking amazing store that we love
– a pretty necklace to replace the one that niki gave me last year :( it broke. i did not lose it.
– ooh maybe a pretty ring too
– movie posters. oh yes. that would be awesome. examples: atonement, penelope, titanic, dan in real life, twilight… etc.
– james mcavoy.
i cant think of any more at present but if i do i will let you know. i’ll re post this or something.


i have waited for this day for a year and a half. i have been waiting for this day since i cracked twilight open and started to read it on the plane on my way to london. i have been waiting for it since the second i finished it on my last day in paris. i have been waiting for it since i read new moon. i’ve been waiting for it since gina and i made t shirts and stood outside of b. dalton bookstore for eclipse. i’ve been waiting since gina and i came up with an actor for every twilight character. i have been waiting since i found out in einstein’s bagels that kristen stewart would be bella and in best buy that rob pattinson would be edward. i have been waiting since me and my summer roomies dressed up as all four books, waited in line for breaking dawn, and stayed up all day and night reading it. and now, now it is finally here. well, in 3 days. i am so excited i cant even express how excited i am. here are some pics to help show my non obsession…

looking at our beloved homemade shirts
stephenie meyer’s first choice for edward… and a very good one at that ;)
fer cute.
gina testing her vampire skills… on me… of course.
some more twilight memories…
made it in the daily universe. yeeeah boy.

"dont break the ice"

this was the theme for the preference dance we went to on friday night. i took my bff andrew, jen took brian, and jen’s younger sister, meg, was in town so she took john. it was really fun. we made them a wonderful spaghetti dinner…

…after which we watched half of mulan while we waited for it to be time to get on the bus. we got on the bus and we thought we knew what stop to get off of but it turns out we didnt. its ok though because there was a really nice lady who let us know when to get off. then we went to the seven peaks ice skating rink where the dance was held. this is us waiting in line to sign the waiver just in case one of us died…
then we got our skates- and thanks to our genius planning we didnt have to wait super long cause we were there right when it started, going against my fashionably late rule;) – then started skating. it was actually a big deal because the first and last time jen went ice skating she fell and broke her tooth and years of surgery and teeth issues followed. ere go, her sister meg never skated. so this was quite the affair. i am very proud of them for getting out there after they were scared for their lives :)
after skating for about an hour and a half we took our moves to the dance floor and danced until we could no more… cause the dance ended. we took some more pics then headed back to our place. since the buses dont run all night, we were going to walk but niki was so nice and came and picked us up before we got too far. we still had some time before “curfew” so we finished mulan which ended right as it turned 1:30. we had noticed that it was the perfect night for star gazing so we grabbed some blankets and went out on the frosted grass to see if we could catch some stars. brian had never seen a shooting star and this was his lucky night. we saw at least five of them. it was crazy cold even though we had about twenty blankets. andrew went home after like a half hour and meg left a little after him. john, jen, brian and i might have stayed out a bit longer… like maybe till 5… yeah. oops ;)
above i’m reprimanding andrew for not smiling. this is a rather typical andrew/ahlin shot. did i mention we are bff’s? we got one though :)

a picture is worth a thousand words…

…or so it is said. let us take a little looksie at this picture and see if it is, in fact, worth a thousand words…

so you’re looking at this and wondering what the big deal is. so i’m on my phone with one foot in the bedroom door and someone decided to take a picture of me. BIG DEAL.
well it is a big deal. one, because this is actually not my apartment. it is brian’s apartment. so that brings us to two. yes this is me breaking the honor code. good thing someone decided to get evidence of it by taking a picture. hope katie doesnt see this… ;) now three is my very legitimate reason for me going to the dark side and breaking the oh so fragile honor code. let me describe it with yet another picture.
yes. that is definitely a snake my friend adam is kissing. now do you blame me for crossing the “chastity line”?! it was a matter of life and death! anyone who knows me knows i am scared to death of snakes. i still have nightmares of them… being in my bed, slithering under my door, chasing me down and eating me! yes, definitely not number one on my list of favorite animals. despite this fact, though, adam still decided to chase me down with the freakin python. what amazing friends i have.
yes this is adam chasing me down with moses (the snake) and trying to coax me to come out. yeah right! i eventually did come out and was about to leave but then they promised me they wouldnt let the snake get near me. so i sat on the couch on the other side of the room while they held it. at one point they tried to pretend that they lost it. sooo funny. not really.
at least jen was brave.

happy birthday to katie

so it was katie’s birthday on the october 30th. we didnt really do anything on that day except go to our ward halloween party and wrestle in pumpkin guts (pictures to come later). BUT we did throw her a surprise birthday party last saturday which was the 1st of november. it was really fun planning it all and getting her to come over from her friends so she could get surprised. we all danced and mingled for a bit then we pulled out the glow sticks, went outside, and became glow-in-the-dark-people! it was so fun. we just cut open the glow sticks and whipped all the juice on each other. it was so fun, but it didnt taste very good and some people got it in their eyes. no bueno. but thats ok. then we went back inside, turned off all the lights and danced the night away! it was sooo fun. i’d never been to a glow stick party, let alone hosted one, but i must say it was a big hit. i dont know why, but glow sticks appeal to the masses. everyone enjoys glow sticks. whether they’re on your clothes or around your head, they’re always so fun! i highly recommend it ;)

tyler and john. silly boys.
jen and i. party maniacs! ;)
fun with glow sticks.
stuart taking a picture of the glow-stick-ness… in our bathroom

best halloween ever!

so, i am one finds halloween a rather fun holiday. but this year was slightly different. jen and i could not think of a costume to save our lives! we thought about it constantly for a week and we got nothing. we asked everyone we talked to multiple times to help us think of something, but to no avail. we tried to think of something we could do with brian, but of course every awesome trio is 2 guys and a girl (harry, ron, hermione; edward, bella, jacob, etc). the only 2 girls and a guy group we could think of was lizzie, miranda and gordo. l-a-m-e. so then we went back to just me and jen. katie had already decided to be a baby and jess was set on harpo marx. finally, at five o’clock on hallows eve, it hit me. vampires! its easy, we can look good, we heart vampires as of late (by late i mean for the past year or so) and we were desperate. cliche? maybe, but like i said, desperate. so we went to shopko and looked for white face paint and teeth, which, of course, they didnt have on account of it being halloween day. but it turned out to be ok. we made ourselves look even cooler. we bought really light face powder, fake acrylic nails, and red nail polish. then we went back home and started getting all decked out. i did jen’s make up and we picked out our dresses and became ladies of the night! it was really fun getting all dressed up. so we took a picture with jess because she was going on a date that she was looking forward to oh so much (please note the sarcasm), then brian came over and we made our way over to our other friend’s house where katie was getting ready. after taking some fabulous pics, we headed off to the dance, fashionably late of course ;) we danced some, went and checked out a haunted house which had a 1 1/2 hour long wait (yeah right!), went back to the dance, then went and watched darkness falls. and no, i did not stay up till 4 in the morning! now why on earth would you assume that… ;) now for some photos…

two vamps and harpo marx
two vamps and a baby

me, jen, and katie with leah and her roommates. they were crazy ex-girlfriends. so funny!
the baby and the seal-clubber >
here we are attacking brian and his lame costume. brian is a seal-clubber. what in the world is that? you might ask. well, i’ll tell you. apparently seals are taking over canada, so canadians like brian are taking the liberty of killing them off. yup, it’s exactly what it sounds like: clubbing. baby. seals. is that not the worst thing you’ve ever heard?! we tried to convince him to be a vampire with us but noooo. he had to stick to his stupid “costume” that not even his canadian friends got! so lame… i do like this picture though :)
here i am with my bff andrew gerald lutes. now the joker was a very common choice of costume this year, i think we all saw that. but my friend andrew had it down. for some reason he loves the joker. even out of costume, if he wants to freak us out, he’ll pull out his little pocket knife, hold it up, lick his lips and say “you wanna know why i use knives?…” and so on and so forth. now this used to creep me right out but then i got over it like the second time. but when he was in costume it made it even better. at one point of the night that was not 4 in the morning because that is a ridiculous time to go to bed, a girl cam out of her apartment and he pulled this little stunt on her. it was quite entertaining.
so, all in all, i’d say this was the best halloween ever!