some of our boys

so we have a few guys that we tend to hang out with a lot… actually its turned into mainly one. meet brian shaw.

brian is from canada. he likes to relay that fact to every single person he meets without fail. “hi. i’m brian. i’m from canada.” we met brian a few weeks ago when we had a lot of left over cake from jen’s birthday and we had whoever wanted to spare us from having to eat more cake come over after ward prayer/stare (for ben). thus began our infamous friendship with brian. now jen and i have lunch with brian every tuesday and thursday and watch the devotionals together. plus we all usually hang out every night. also, we always talk about movies so we made a list of about 120 movies that we watch on our movie nights (thursdays and sundays). 
brian is a really fun kid to hang out with and really easy to talk to. gina and him have also spoken on several occasions. usually its insults back and forth. i dont really know why. i’ve told them to be nice to each other. its not really working. oh well.
brian is so nice, he let us do his hair for him. david wont even let me do that! :(
pouty face. whatevs, he loves it.
more hair experiments… john hawkins everyone.
haha… nerd.
oh… yeah… we were having a lot of fun…
we found john’s awesome curly q!
sexy face.
so friday i went out to check the mail and my friend jeff is standing out there and he says “it hasnt come yet. trust me i’d know.” he goes on to tell me how his mission call got mailed a week ago and he hadnt gotten it yet. and it just so happened that the mail person to be 2 hours late on the day his mission call comes. so for the next 2 hours we waited for it to come and finally, just as jen and i were about to leave to go see high school musical 3, it comes and he learns he’s going to brazil! we are so excited for him!
opening the envelope that will determine the next two years of his life
happy face? more like happy/”holy crap”/trying-not-to-cry/shocked face. yea jeff!

2 thoughts on “some of our boys

  1. let me paint a not so pretty picture for you. . . so a couple months ago i devoted an entire post to you. you and only you.. now i see an entire post about a boy i dont care for very much who is starting to creep me out with the princesses and hairstyle thing. so i am breaking up with you. good bye.

  2. Let me paint a picture that is horribly, horribly disfigured for you. A couple of weeks ago I met you. Despite my best efforts, you’re still here. Isn’t that terrible?

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