i heart high school musical

so my roommate jen and i were insanely excited for high school musical 3 to come out so we went to it opening night (well, matinee. yea for saving 2 dollars!) it was so fun to be in a theater full of 12 year old girls. when the title of the movie came up, followed by the gloriously endowed zac efron, everyone was screaming and clapping. it was so awesome. it was really fun to watch it in that kind of environment. jen and i were just laughing and squealing along with them. so naturally we couldnt pass up the opportunity of taking a picture with the cardboard cut out cast.

also we took the liberty of buying the soundtrack later that night and making everyone we hung out with that night listen to it. i’m still amazed those boys didnt run from the apartment with their hands over their ears ;)

4 thoughts on “i heart high school musical

  1. I actually heard it was worth going to, however I think I’m going to hold out and wait for you to go with me. Something tells me you would make the movie a whole lot more fun!!! Miss you come visit already….I’m having my baby in less then a week by the way.

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