i’m blue, da boo dee

this past week was homecoming week so there were various activities one could attend. jen and i decided to go to the “true blue extravaganza”. here we played in blue dyed foam and became smurfs. yes, it got in our eyes and it was annoying but we got over that quite quickly. there was a huge foam mosh pit that encircled us in about 2.6 seconds the instant we jumped in. there was a tarp on a hill that was sudsy and insanely fun to slide down. we got a couple guys in our ward- john and tyler- to come with us and they had a blast as well. it was so hard to get off and we were still a little blue on our elbows and feet the next day but it was well worth it.

helaman field covered in foam

me and jen pre-blueness

john, me, jen, and tyler post-blueness

a bit cleaned off. still blue.

taking a picture in the mirror of our smurf selves
in the tub, freezing and blue

2 thoughts on “i’m blue, da boo dee

  1. hey ahlin thanks for your comment haha yours is much better mine is for my english class so it is pretty boring i have to talk about rhetoric and stuff. but i think that i will now also talk about fun stuf!!

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