all is fair in love and war

so we have been at “war” with a room of guys in our war- jeff, david, and andrew. it started when jenn and i were hanging out at their house and i might have taken their rasta “flag”. they didnt even notice so we took the liberty to let them know it was missing…

we took this picture and then these others because they are in desperate need of decorations in their apartment and we had told them that pictures of us would look amazing on their sad white walls.

so andrew and jeff came over that night in attempt to get it back but to no avail. when they left though they so kindly took our couch cushion and pillow. this was a big no no so things had to get a little dirty…

(ransom: if you ever want to see your precious towel again you must return the pillow and make us dinner… love, bff’s)

um i don’t know why the underline is on and it won’t turn off so sorry. anyway, this is what we got that night. they taped it to the ceiling outside our door and it says “what do you want as the menu?” inside was our pillow… doused in andrew’s cologne. the scent filled the whole apartment! you can still smell it on the pillow. crazy boys.

so i went back to st. george for gina’s homecoming and while i was away, the boys ganged up on my roommate and not only got the flag back but took my pink butterfly chair. jerks.

so the night i got back jen and i went over and asked nicely for the chair back… ok not really. we kind of barged in and i might have broken the rules/honor code and crossed the forbidden line. here you can’t go in the boy’s hallway, bathroom, or rooms. so i might have gone in their hallway to get back the chair. i know, i am quite the rebel. they were pretty mad but it’s ok.

so i forget why but the next night we decided to silly string them. we tried to take precautionary measures by taping the silly sting bottles to our hands so they couldn’t take them away. this actually didn’t work as well as we thought. andrew still ripped the can away from jen’s hand. ouch.

later that night, jen gets a text that says look outside your door. we were like, crap what now. so we look outside and something is. yet again, taped on our ceiling.

the boys had wrapped something in gorilla tape, paper plates, a dish towel, and saran wrap. it took us like 15 minutes to unwrap it all and we were kind of nervous about its contents. but they turned out to be yummy cookies!

we felt kinda bad for attacking them with silly string (and by kinda i mean not really) so we decided to heart attack their door the next night. we also made a heart trail leading to our dinner menu which was written on the the sidewalk.

(menu: salad, potatoes, chicken cordon bleu, root beer!, and the dessert is your choice (preferably cheesecake) love, your bff’s!)
they definitely loved it.
some kid, david, andrew, and jeff.
they replied that we had to wear formal dresses. since that isn’t possible because we don’t own any, we’re all just dressing up really nice. it was so funny how they all were getting into it. they’re even having some guys in our ward that are going to be our waiters. we’ll see how this works out…

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