i heart high school musical

so my roommate jen and i were insanely excited for high school musical 3 to come out so we went to it opening night (well, matinee. yea for saving 2 dollars!) it was so fun to be in a theater full of 12 year old girls. when the title of the movie came up, followed by the gloriously endowed zac efron, everyone was screaming and clapping. it was so awesome. it was really fun to watch it in that kind of environment. jen and i were just laughing and squealing along with them. so naturally we couldnt pass up the opportunity of taking a picture with the cardboard cut out cast.

also we took the liberty of buying the soundtrack later that night and making everyone we hung out with that night listen to it. i’m still amazed those boys didnt run from the apartment with their hands over their ears ;)

some of our boys

so we have a few guys that we tend to hang out with a lot… actually its turned into mainly one. meet brian shaw.

brian is from canada. he likes to relay that fact to every single person he meets without fail. “hi. i’m brian. i’m from canada.” we met brian a few weeks ago when we had a lot of left over cake from jen’s birthday and we had whoever wanted to spare us from having to eat more cake come over after ward prayer/stare (for ben). thus began our infamous friendship with brian. now jen and i have lunch with brian every tuesday and thursday and watch the devotionals together. plus we all usually hang out every night. also, we always talk about movies so we made a list of about 120 movies that we watch on our movie nights (thursdays and sundays). 
brian is a really fun kid to hang out with and really easy to talk to. gina and him have also spoken on several occasions. usually its insults back and forth. i dont really know why. i’ve told them to be nice to each other. its not really working. oh well.
brian is so nice, he let us do his hair for him. david wont even let me do that! :(
pouty face. whatevs, he loves it.
more hair experiments… john hawkins everyone.
haha… nerd.
oh… yeah… we were having a lot of fun…
we found john’s awesome curly q!
sexy face.
so friday i went out to check the mail and my friend jeff is standing out there and he says “it hasnt come yet. trust me i’d know.” he goes on to tell me how his mission call got mailed a week ago and he hadnt gotten it yet. and it just so happened that the mail person to be 2 hours late on the day his mission call comes. so for the next 2 hours we waited for it to come and finally, just as jen and i were about to leave to go see high school musical 3, it comes and he learns he’s going to brazil! we are so excited for him!
opening the envelope that will determine the next two years of his life
happy face? more like happy/”holy crap”/trying-not-to-cry/shocked face. yea jeff!

last time i played tag… last term.

but this is a different kind of tag. this is a first for me. thank you lauren for including me in this most gracious gesture. somehow i knew before i even got to the bottom of that post that i would be included in a mass tag. gracias.

so six random things…
1. i actually enjoy filling these types of things out. i don’t know why. probably because it’s a good way to take a look at yourself and see what you really do or don’t like, things that you don’t usually think about but are fun to discover. i promise i am not conceited and just enjoy thinking about myself for the heck of it. no no. no no.
2. one of my ocd’s- notice how i never really capitalize things that are supposed to be capitalized, i.e. the first letter at the beginning of a sentence. this is because, 1- its too big of a hassle for something that isn’t a graded paper and 2- if i accidently skipped a couple “capital-letter-musts” i would be annoyed and i would have to go back and change them which is a bigger hassle. same goes for texts. sorry if it bothers you…
3. sometimes people mistake me for being stuck up or boring. this is because i don’t really talk to people… ever. i usually have to be super comfortable with them or be on some kind of high. i’ve been reprimanded for it by myself and others and i’ve gotten better but i’m still pretty shy when it comes to people. like i don’t really sit next to or talk to people in my classes and even in high school when i saw my best friends walking down the hall i wouldn’t say hi or anything… yeah, i’m working on it…
4. i hate showering. it is the hugest hassle ever. don’t get me wrong, i love being clean and actually being in a hot shower for unpredictable amounts of time. but getting in is stressful, as well as getting out and getting ready. it takes FOREVER. when i’m not in a complete rush or at someone’s house, the whole process of getting in, showering, and then getting out & ready takes a good 1 to 2 hours. i seriously have to plan a good portion of my day around it. so stressful…
5. i love to do the dishes. i really do. it doesn’t bother me at all that i don’t have a dishwasher. it’s just always a good time to ponder and think. well, for me at least. i was usually the one to do them at home on sunday nights (and that’s not a slight to any of my family) but it never really bothered me, unless i had homework or something better to do. i also am kind of ocd about it, like if i’m doing dishes i would rather do them all or not at all. yeah…
6. i love movies. not like in a i’m-lazy-to-do-anything-else way, like they actually interest me. not just the movies themselves but the actors and the story behind the scenes… stuff like that. sometimes i spend hours on imdb (sometimes as in once or twice… really late at night…) just looking up movies and actors and seeing how they are connected. like i dont know why but i can retain so many facts about different movies and actors. i wish i could shift some of that memory to more important things like, i don’t know, school or something. but yeah, i love movies. and love. which is also a very large reason why i love movies so much. and good looking guys. another reason i love movies. anyway…
ok, so now, eight things (p.s. i’m just going off of lauren’s post)…
8 tv shows i like to watch
-gilmore girls
-gossip girl (sorry, guilty pleasure)
-america’s next top model
-the office (cliche? oh well)
-grounded for life
-music videos
-king of queens
8 favorite restaurants
-olive garden
-inn n out
-cafe rio
-taco bell
-the pizza factory (their salad bar is to die for)
8 things that happened yesterday
-went to the bean museum
-went to the museum of art
-ate lunch with jen and brian
-hung out with jen and brian
-watched the devotional with jen and brian
-watched wuthering heights
-went to book of mormon
-went to interior design (don’t get me started…)
i know. so exciting.
8 things i am looking forward to
-not having anymore school. ever.
-meeting my new niece and nephew!
-starting a family
-my friends coming home from their missions :(
-thursday nights after 7:00 pm
-catching up on ALL the sleep i have lost
-returning to europa one day
-getting caught up on ALL my homework… if possible…
8 things on my wish list
-unlimited amount of money to spend at target and nordstrom (brass plum!)
-the ability to eat whatever i want and not gain an ounce (name that movie)
-to sleep as long as i want whenever i want
-to watch every movie i have ever or will ever want to see
-to remember everything i need to
-to never have to worry about money ever again
-self motivation (i look up to ben so much for this)
ok the one word response. kind of hard for me but here goes…
1. Where is your cell phone? couch
2. Where is your significant other? haha… that’s funny.
3. Your hair color? auburn (so i’ve been told)
4. Your mother? superwoman
5. Your father? giving
6. Your favorite thing? company
7. Your dream last night? the killers (its a band, don’t worry ;)
8. Your dream/goal? contentment
9. The room you’re in? living
10. Your hobby? laughing
11. Your fear? insincerity
12. Where do you want to be in 6 years? settled
13. Where were you last night? home
14. What you’re not? confident
15. One of your wish-list items? clothes
16. Where you grew up? debatable, mostly st. g. though
17. The last thing you did? ate
18. What are you wearing? black
19. Your TV? vhs [only]
20. Your pet? dying :'(
21. Your computer? bff
22. Your mood? contemplative
23. Missing someone? horhina, my snister
24. Your car? HA! you mean the lack thereof?
25. Something you’re not wearing? chapstick
26. Favorite store? target (oh but i love you too nordstrom!)
27. Your summer? unforgettable
28. Love someone? bear
29. Your favorite color? purple/green
30. When is the last time you laughed? tonight
31. Last time you cried? last sunday

well i hope that was as gosh darn exciting for you as it was for me. just kidding…

ok so not very many people read this but i guess i’ll tag:
-jade, but i think gina already tagged you
-anyone else who wants to do it

hey, thanks for bearing with me. hopefully you learned something new and oh so exciting about me….

i’m blue, da boo dee

this past week was homecoming week so there were various activities one could attend. jen and i decided to go to the “true blue extravaganza”. here we played in blue dyed foam and became smurfs. yes, it got in our eyes and it was annoying but we got over that quite quickly. there was a huge foam mosh pit that encircled us in about 2.6 seconds the instant we jumped in. there was a tarp on a hill that was sudsy and insanely fun to slide down. we got a couple guys in our ward- john and tyler- to come with us and they had a blast as well. it was so hard to get off and we were still a little blue on our elbows and feet the next day but it was well worth it.

helaman field covered in foam

me and jen pre-blueness

john, me, jen, and tyler post-blueness

a bit cleaned off. still blue.

taking a picture in the mirror of our smurf selves
in the tub, freezing and blue

happy birthday to jen

i love my roomies!
so it was jen’s birthday on october 3rd (and jades! happy birthday jade!) so we had a little party. her mom had sent her princess decorations in a box that we used to decorate our apartment. some boys decided to do a birthday scavenger hunt for her the night before too.

then we decided to have a group picture of the october birthdays: jen- 3rd, andrew- 24th, katie- 30th.

st george and homecoming

i was able to go back to good ol’ st. g for gina’s homecoming. it was really fun getting her ready and she looked simply gorgeous. of course there were minor crises like lack of curling irons, big hair, no time, bouttinere difficulties. but we all survived and it was a smashing success.

i was so excited to hang out with the fam and with my friends. i love you guys!

all is fair in love and war

so we have been at “war” with a room of guys in our war- jeff, david, and andrew. it started when jenn and i were hanging out at their house and i might have taken their rasta “flag”. they didnt even notice so we took the liberty to let them know it was missing…

we took this picture and then these others because they are in desperate need of decorations in their apartment and we had told them that pictures of us would look amazing on their sad white walls.

so andrew and jeff came over that night in attempt to get it back but to no avail. when they left though they so kindly took our couch cushion and pillow. this was a big no no so things had to get a little dirty…

(ransom: if you ever want to see your precious towel again you must return the pillow and make us dinner… love, bff’s)

um i don’t know why the underline is on and it won’t turn off so sorry. anyway, this is what we got that night. they taped it to the ceiling outside our door and it says “what do you want as the menu?” inside was our pillow… doused in andrew’s cologne. the scent filled the whole apartment! you can still smell it on the pillow. crazy boys.

so i went back to st. george for gina’s homecoming and while i was away, the boys ganged up on my roommate and not only got the flag back but took my pink butterfly chair. jerks.

so the night i got back jen and i went over and asked nicely for the chair back… ok not really. we kind of barged in and i might have broken the rules/honor code and crossed the forbidden line. here you can’t go in the boy’s hallway, bathroom, or rooms. so i might have gone in their hallway to get back the chair. i know, i am quite the rebel. they were pretty mad but it’s ok.

so i forget why but the next night we decided to silly string them. we tried to take precautionary measures by taping the silly sting bottles to our hands so they couldn’t take them away. this actually didn’t work as well as we thought. andrew still ripped the can away from jen’s hand. ouch.

later that night, jen gets a text that says look outside your door. we were like, crap what now. so we look outside and something is. yet again, taped on our ceiling.

the boys had wrapped something in gorilla tape, paper plates, a dish towel, and saran wrap. it took us like 15 minutes to unwrap it all and we were kind of nervous about its contents. but they turned out to be yummy cookies!

we felt kinda bad for attacking them with silly string (and by kinda i mean not really) so we decided to heart attack their door the next night. we also made a heart trail leading to our dinner menu which was written on the the sidewalk.

(menu: salad, potatoes, chicken cordon bleu, root beer!, and the dessert is your choice (preferably cheesecake) love, your bff’s!)
they definitely loved it.
some kid, david, andrew, and jeff.
they replied that we had to wear formal dresses. since that isn’t possible because we don’t own any, we’re all just dressing up really nice. it was so funny how they all were getting into it. they’re even having some guys in our ward that are going to be our waiters. we’ll see how this works out…