katie, jen, jess, and me at the fall fest
well, i have been thinking of what i want to do next summer. i know, its rather early to think of what i want to do but i have had a few choice options confront me this week. 
first choice: EFY counselor. i have wanted to do this for some time, like since i first went to EFY. it would be fun and i would get paid and meet tons of new people. my only hesitation is that the requirements are to have gone to school for a year and be 19 by june 1st. the former requirement i’m fine with but seeing as how my birthday is june 20th… well i’m hoping they can look over that.
second choice: disneyland. ok i have always wanted to work at disneyland. who wouldn’t? it’s the happiest place on earth! and i’ve always thought it would be impossible because housing is crazy in cali but i’ve just discovered a college program that has housing and everything just taken out of your paycheck while you work at disneyland (or world) full time. it’s a dream come true!
third and quite unlikely choice: study abroad. they had a fair-type-thing this week and all the study abroad/internship programs had booths and brochures telling about them . it got me so excited! i want to be back in europe, taking everything in. i was mostly looking at the ones in england since i only speak english :) but problem numero uno- 4 to 5000 dollars. ouch.
so, i’m just going to be thinking about it, weighing my options. tell me what you guys think :)

"you know how it is. new school, new babe pool."

gina, name that movie. or others who are fans of it :)

so here are some pictures of my apartment/dorm/whatever floats your boat that i took off of facebook from one of my roommates albums cause i’m too lazy to take some pics of my own…

jessica, me, jenn, and katie after playing in the rain

my room before i unpacked. i’ll get a recent one of it all cleaned up soon

our collage wall and our purple white board

living room before interior design geniuses hit

after buying awesomely cheap things at wal-mart, tj maxx, and ross

the tv we can’t hook our dvd player up to because we are all technology challenged (yes i worked at best buy for a year and a half. maybe if i put my geek squad t-shirt on i’ll receive inspiration).

hey, no pics this time. i know, so sad. i dont even know who is looking at this thing. i’m pretty sure about two people know about it. oh well. 

what a successful weekend. i got my laundry done. yea me. and i all my biology reading. yea me. and i got to see an awesome concert for three bucks. yea me. now i am contemplating whether it is worth it to get ready for bed when i could just sit here for hours on end. i guess i should go to bed. big day tomorrow, being the sabbath and all. and by all i mean nanny’s birthday. yea her.


hey. i am quite new at this. as in this is my first post. yea me. i’d like to thank april for helping me set this up. thank you. and my sister lauren for setting the path for me to enter the blogging world. thank you. and for gina who shows me how not to blog. thank you.

i am here at byu starting the fall term. it is very fun so far. probably cause i haven’t done any homework yet. but i expect that to change.
well that was my first post. yea me. good bye.
oh and p.s.- this picture is of me and cameron and april at the decades dance during summer term. presh.